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Become a Hindu Saint
Save the world not only From more Hitlers, Maos and Osamas.
Not only from nature’s furry but also from fast spreading
Sick psychology. Hindu Saint’s way of life will save your life from the ruins
By outer and inner terrorists & cannibals.

Fill this form to join the Secret Mystery School of The Ancient Hindu Saints.

Are you hungry for a rapid spiritual growth?


A vision for a great spiritual future

Please complete the practice of preparatory Asana & Panoramas. I will organize my life to dedicate 45 minutes twice daily to Shyamendra Meditation. I understand that listening Swamiji’s Vedic discourses are compulsory to grow in Shyamendra Meditation. My meditation will grow into an extent that they grow. For the following reason(s) I want to learn Shyamendra Meditation.
Please check one :
[ ] to solve problems of life (please indicate what problem).
[ ] For healing (which illness).
[ ] To integrate myself to help my country (specify in what way).
[ ] To realize the Absolute Truth.

If you chose the last box, please check one:
[ ] Formless Unmanifest Absolute Truth (nirgun nirakar) [nirvana , moksa]
[ ] Effulgent Light (sagun nirakar)[kaivalya]
[ ] Beauty, Power ,Mercy and Wisdom incarnate , Omnipotent, Omniscient,
Omnipresent Beautiful form of God (sagun sakar)[ four kinds of Liberation]

If you chose the last box, please check which form of the Divinity feels closest to your heart :
[ ] Yogi form of God
[ ] Astounding Feminine form of the Divine
[ ] Glamorous form of God
[ ] Kundlini Yoga Experience
[ ] Romantic form of God
[ ] Tantra
[ ] Warrior form of God
[ ] Other
[ ] Enclosed is my tax-deductible donation (whatever amount you can afford with big smile)
[ ] Things about myself I would like Swamiji to know
[ ] I will listen to a 9, 3, or 1 day Vedic Chronicles discourse from Swamiji in order to strengthen my Shyamendra Meditation. Please send me the appropriate CDs. In order to go deep into my Shyamendra Meditation, I will carefully comfort myself with the 5 outer and 5 inner observances indicated in Swamiji’s book “Shyamendra Meditation” page 24 to 27 , and grow further into amazing depths as narrated in pages 35 to 60.I will also take care of obstacles
through techniques as mentioned in page 37 forward. I will also incorporate other techniques form Swamiji’ s“ 100 Techniques of World Peace”, and “ Power of Powers”, for different situations and circumstances to deepen my meditation. I will report my progress to the center.

Name Birth Date Education Profession Address City/State/Zip

What service would you like to offer for Global Spiritualization Campaign?
Phone Number Married/Single Email Address

Please Complete the answer & Email to :
Laxman Jhula 249302, Uttaranchal , India
Email – Phone – +91-9634700339

I understand the Global Spiritualization and accomplishing Swamiji’s millenium goals is my first preference. Sharing this knowledge in my nation is an integrated part of my learning.
I will release a monthly news letter as Swamiji will provide me the materials.
I will compute a subject from his literary/oratory works and give it a nicest book form and distribute them to all searching souls I know of for true happiness.
I will start my first lesson with Swamiji’s first discourse on “Einstein’s Last Discovery of the Theory of Absolute”.
I will not be fickle in my motivations and commitment.

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